An Unexpected Opportunity

Mom in the Philippines
by Sean Perron

This holiday season I want to encourage you to do the unexpected. My parents have challenged me to look beyond the familiar and consider the hurting church abroad.

Last month, my mom and dad spent a week ministering to children at a local Christian school overseas. This school virtually unknown in my realm of social media and is a part of an organization called ABC. It is a non-denominational ministry organization that has a ministry in the Philippines. The gospel is being preached and children are being touched for the kingdom of Christ.

Just days after my parents left this school, the horrific typhoon Haiyan struck the Philippines. The ABC school and neighborhood was overrun with putrid water and devastating wind. What little these people had available has been further torn and tattered.

My dad was able to contact the ministry facilitator to learn that he has survived. The building is standing but it is in shambles. An estimated $10,000 worth of repairs will be needed to become fully operational again. I have included some pictures of the ministry before the typhoon and after my parents left.

The Filipino church did not expect a hurricane to devastate their region. This unexpected tragedy has brought pain to the body of Christ and cracked open a need for help. Perhaps this holiday season you can be a part of the unexpected and bless fellow believers across the globe. I invite you to both pray and give what you can.

Here is the address where donations can be sent. (Tax deductible)

c/o Maxwell Ditta
2280 Grand Central Parkway #17-2
Orlando, FL 32839

Make check to

Memo – For School Typhoon Damage