Lecture to Grandpa: A Critique of My Generation

I wrote this piece in high school.  It portrays a conversation between a current high school/college student and an old man brought into current times from the past.

Sleep in until noon in the summer; when school starts, wake up as late as possible and hit the snooze button as many times as you can.  Be sure to look at the magazine covers in the grocery store to see the latest trends, but make sure everything that you wear is your own “personal style.”  Be independent; nobody can tell you what to do.  You are the master of your fate; you are the captain of your soul.  You only live once; therefore, live for yourself.   If the assignment is not due tomorrow, it’s not homework.  Remember your needs: iPhone, long weekends, borrowed money, and ignorance.

 But what about family dinners, hard work, quiet evenings – and what on God’s green earth is an iPhone?

“god” is important only when he is convenient.  Here is how you text message to avoid contact with those in your personal space.  Here is how you avoid confrontation.  Here is how you learn only what you need to know to get by under the radar.  Don’t be too smart; people will think you’re a nerd.  Don’t enjoy things too much; people will think you’re foolish.  Don’t be innocent; people might think you’re stupid.  Don’t be pure; people might think you’re a child.  Here’s how to use Facebook and Gmail.  Here’s how you tweet.  Here’s how to critique the world from behind a computer screen. What do you mean you don’t use computers?  How old are you anyway!?  Make sure you listen to this music, and watch these movies, and never say “no” because people might think you’re puritanical.

But what if I really don’t like the trends?  What if I actually love good, and hate evil?  What if God is an actual reality?

Never mind that. Do you really want to be the prude – the wet blanket on the flickering flames of my youth?