An Exercise in Talking To Yourself

Hey Self!

This morning you woke up again with that pit in your stomach.  Nervous, anxious energy greeted you out of  bed with a cold handshake.  You tried to remind yourself of the gospel to raise your spirits, but you didn’t feel any better.  You felt a little relief as you diverted your attention with answering some emails and doing a few other busying things, but soon after, anxiety was waiting to greet you again.

Now you have sat down to read and pray.  You are approaching the God of the universe for communion with Him.  I just want to remind you that all the anxieties you have today are not true things.  Don’t get me wrong, the feelings and situations are real, but to allow them to discourage you so deeply would be to live as though the gospel were not true.  But it is true.  This morning, God really is for you (Romans 8:31) and he really does delight in hearing and answering your prayers.  All of God’s wrath and anger on your sin was experienced by Jesus when he died on the cross for you.  So now you can fight anxiety as a free man who does not have to obey its wishes.  So, the next time you hear lies, talk truth back – even if you are not feeling it.  God’s Word is alive and it is active (Hebrews 4:12) and it can cut through all the lies that would try to have you believe your feelings more than you believe in the loving care of your Father.

So, I just wanted to remind you that you have a Father that loves you and is not against you and will fill you with His Spirit today.

All His best.



Spencer Harmon