New Podcast: How to Turn Down a Date

The task of turning down a date can be tricky. I (Spencer) continue the casual, candid, and sometimes funny conversation with Sean on the topic of declining a date.

There are numerous reasons why a girl would not be interested in a romantic relationship. Here are some of the questions we talk about in this brief (8 minute) podcast:

  • What are some basic biblical categories to think through on this topic?
  • How should a girl say “no” to a Christian guy she doesn’t like?
  • What if someone declines a date and they ask again?
  • What if someone isn’t getting the picture that I am not interested?


This is the third unspokenblog podcast. Other episodes are Intro to the Bible, Dating, and Courtship and Early Marriage: Are You Ready?

One thought on “New Podcast: How to Turn Down a Date

  1. You guys are making this so complicated. A girl says no and moves on. Simple as that. If a guy can’t deal with that because he’s brainwashed by the church that his “future wife is there” like so many churches make people believe and he believes she’s the one, then he needs some mental help. If the spark isn’t there to begin with, it’s not going to develop if they remain in some awkward friendship because she “wants to be nice about it”. Both people need to move on, simple as that.

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