The Hidden Sin

by Sean Perron
by Sean Perron

Christian leaders can sometimes seem perfect. With the use of social media and internet, a blog or video can go viral overnight. A large church with thousands of members can admire and love a preacher from afar. When we look at someone’s life from a distance, things can look rather picturesque. We can forget that they are human. We can forget that they struggle with sin. Upon closer examination we can see cracks, faults, chips, and scuffs.

How should we respond when a Christian leader is found having an affair? Or when a pastor has been embezzling the tithe? What if we are currently preparing to go into a public ministry? How can we avoid these things?

Exodus 4:21- 27 is an unusual text that we must pay attention to. God threatened to kill Moses’ son Gershom because he was not circumcised. Moses was leading with the staff of God yet did not even have the sign of the covenant on his son. Only a few knew about this hidden sin.

When we read this story about how God almost put Moses’ son to death, and then we read the story about where God did put his own Son to death – we realize that God is serious about every sin – even the most private sins – especially among the leaders of His people.

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