Genesis: One Year Anniversary Poem


I have heard many couples express angst when they reflect on their first year of marriage. Conflicts, confusion and crying might take place during the first year, but I would never describe my experience this way. In fact, I will trumpet the opposite. I could not be more thrilled since our wedding day. Our marriage is not perfect, but it is full of pleasure. Our joy is rich in God and our hearts are filled with thankfulness. Each morning I awake with my best friend and each eve I kiss her goodnight. I get the privilege of seeking Christ with my precious bride. She has helped me live life in more ways than I imagined. Marriage has hindered nothing.

This anniversary poem attempts to weave events in our lives with the Scripture we have studied devotionally over the past year. I am only a poet by proxy because I am in love. Here is a toast to Jennifer, marriage, and the God of all grace.

A year has past, hard to believe

More memories than moments

My mind couldn’t conceive

How wonderful a year

It surely has been

Rolling and romping

With my best friend

Lilies and lilacs

Mixed in your hair

Holding you closely

Found in His care

Through the garden we ran

Clothed – naked – near

hand and hand

Nothing was mere

We climbed in our ark

Small, full and warm

Hot tea and lightening

Cuddled through storm

Not this year, but down the road

Abraham’s stars,

may become ours

Moving his sand

into our land

Fostering only for now

We hummed with the Sparrows

And researched our Pharaohs

Juggling a proverb here and there

Singing our Psalms, We frolic on

By faith, we embark on this year

What shall entail?

Starfish and pail

How will the wind

blow through our sail?

A year has past,

better we believe

More faith than before

Our minds couldn’t conceive

How wonderful a year

It surely has been



With my best friend

God give us grace for more.

Photo from Perron Wedding by Jessica Rai Photography